Hey, Buster

What would you wonder happened to these? Friday night I noticed a large keyring was bent. 

Friday night, February 5th, 2021, I sat and arranged my keys. 

My one serious New Year's resolution is to arrange my keys. I didn't have to do that this New Year's Day. No changes.

I did wonder how this keyring could possibly have gotten bent. I positioned the fob at an angle that matched the bent keyring. Weird. Then I noticed the P-39 can opener was also bent. I wondered some more. 

One thing that could have bent them would have been a 190 lb fool busting his ass on the ice in the driveway, on Wednesday maybe.

I didn't think nothing of it at the time. I had come back inside and watched the Hockey game. Not even a bruise.


It's ice. Gonna dance,

Or fall? What do you expect?

Gravity check. Check.


Peace, Y'all!



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