Human Training

DeO’jie is a bit upset with me. Something has changed and she has no trouble letting me know about it.

Last week, she must have eaten something outside that didn’t sit well with her digestive tract. I won’t elaborate except to say I wouldn’t trust her on new carpet. 

Kari made up a batch of rice and chicken with powdered pumpkin sprinkles. It’s those little touches that make a difference. And candles. That was DeOjie’s idea. 

That lasted a few days while gradually returning to the usual diet. We have also cut out excessive treats. That's the part that she is upset about. Democracy in action. One of my votes equals seven dog votes!

Cutting out excessive treats involved retraining both me and DeO’jie. I gave her too many, too often. After late night walks, she’d get five to six treats as we went through her repertoire of tricks. She’d sit, shake, bark, just about anything I’d ask her to do, except long division. She’d tell me, “Dogs know how to multiply. That’s it.” 

Now it’s three treats a day (two are medical). She’s upset about it. She looks at me with those eyes like the dogs on the TV commercial about the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA). Too much television, that’s the problem. 

There is also that underlying fact that the Zombie Apocalypse may radically alter our current relationship. She reminds me of this. 


Are dog dreams about 

Rabbits, squirrels and mailmen? 

Fewer treats; more love 


Peace, Y’all! 



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