I Ain’t Stayin’

It was just about a year ago when I spent a few days with Robert George at Sound Temple Studio, Asheville NC. I’ve been there before. This was my second full-length CD recorded at Sound Temple Studio. I like working with Robert. He pretends to like working with me.  

I Ain’t Stayin’ was released on April 1st, 2020 as part of an online Covid-19 Quarantine Facebook Live Event. The full CD or individual songs can be downloaded from my website. Our North American Distribution Center will ship hardcopy CDs to our Friends anywhere anyone wants one. I Ain’t Stayin’.

Other happenings: I produced a full-length video for my song Shadow’s Puppet that was released on October 10. There are still more than 7 billion people that haven’t seen it. If you’re one of those, just click the link.

I’ve already started on my second project, which will be a video for Bring the Rain. Here’s the link to that song. I'll be doing more cut-out animation and stop-motion photography like I did with my first video. Believe it or not, I’m getting better at this with every attempt. There's lots of trial and almost as much error, but that’s where I am learning the most. That, and YouTube. 

I’ve rambled on a bit and only gotten to here, but this is where I am, I think. Part of my day job: self-promotion. That’s what I’m doing. 



Covid Quarantine, 

The old “normal” was better. 

What’s my next project? 



Peace, Y’all! 


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