I Am A Jelly Doughnut

I Am a Jelly Doughnut – JFK 1963 

“Ich bin ein Berliner.” In that statement from one of JFK’s famous speeches, he was trying to say that he was one of them. The translation of the “jelly doughnut” line from JFK’s speech is confusing because of the indefinite article “ein.” 

It seems that the closest comparison would be like saying “I am a danish” instead of “I am Danish.”  

I am including a link on the History Channel’s website for this story. There is even a recipe to make jelly doughnuts.

Enough about that. What about the picture?

Kari throws bread ties on the floor for the cats to play with. The bread ties mostly end up under the fridge. I think the cats have found Jesus! 



Born again ... nine times,

Spiritual cats find fish

Underneath the fridge.



Peace Y'all!















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