IKEA Wooly Buggers

I fish, therefore I am. Wednesday offered one of the best fishing days that I have seen in a long time. Spring is here and I am looking forward to many more. 

I have had little success with a woolly bugger of any sort, but Wednesday was different. Olive woolly buggers were the trick, and I ran through what few I had by mid-afternoon. So, what do you do?

Option A. Drive to the fly fishing shop and pay $3.00 per for wooly buggers? 

Option B. Buy an IKEA® wooly bugger kit. 

I had gold beads, lead, thread, sparkle stuff, hooks, and hackles. All I needed were some olive marabou and olive chenille. Assembly instructions were not provided. 

Do not try this at home. I am a trained professional. 


IKEA buggers 

Wooly, olive, and fishy. 

Assembly required.


Peace, Y'all!


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