“Imagination at Work,” GE® 

In case you missed it, here's the link to yesterday’s Corporate Sponsorship Daily Ramblin’.


da6d Daily Ramblin’ has been a steady source of useless information for the past eight months or so. For some reason, I just keep on writing. “I’m Lovin’ It,” McDonald’s®. Maybe it’s cleaning out the junk in my head that’s not really attached to anything else. 

Just to be current with certain topics, I try to write these every day. They are “Hot & Fresh” like Krispy Kreme®. Most days, it’s a Nike® “Just Do It” attitude. “Think Different," Apple®. “We’ll Pick You Up,” Enterprise Car Rental®.  

“Over 830 Hundred-thousandths of a Million Served.” That’s a few less than McDonalds®, but I’m catching up. “Like a Good Neighbor,” State Farm. “Because You Are Worth It,” L’Oreal Cosmetics. 

“Think Outside the Box.”” 

“The Best Part of Waking Up.” 

“Can You Hear Me Now?” 

Peace, Y'all!



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