It's the Humidity

Well, what are we going to do now? 

Texas froze over. It's all somebody else’s fault, and when everything is said and done, there’s usually a lot more “saying” than there is “doing.” I probably ought to talk about something else. Something besides hockey, eh? 

Has anyone thought of telling these poor people in Texas, “It’s a dry cold.” Don’t, it probably won’t help. 

I have gas heat at home. It’s dry as you can see. Guitars like 40% humidity. 26% is what I would declare to be a humidity emergency. Maybe if I could seal this room, I could maintain heat and humidity, but that isn’t an option. 

I’m keeping instruments in their cases and only taking one out to play, then returning it to the case. While in the case, I keep them humid with the D’Addario Humidipak Two-way Humidification System®. The pack in the picture dated 01-21-21 is due for a change. Kari made these adorable pouches from a shirt she’d gotten me for Christmas several years ago. 

On the coldest days 

Darkest nights, and driest times. 

Humidity helps.


***Alternate Ending!  "Humanity helps."

Peace, Y'all,


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