Journey No. Sixty

Today’s subject is not random. There will only be one day on which I complete Solar Circumnavigation Number Fifty-nine.  That day is today. By tomorrow this time, I’ll be nearly a day into Solar Circumnavigation Number Sixty at 584,088,918 mph with seven and a half billion people while spinning at 1,037 mph. 

All this is done with seemingly very little effort on my part. So far, though, I seem to be very good at it. Walking and chewing gum while doing all this revolving and orbiting requires a lot of skill, effort, and years of practice. I have spent years developing these skills. 

I can chew gum and walk. I can blow a bubble, almost, but only if I’m standing still. Years of dedicated practice. Twenty-one thousand, five-hundred and fifty days. It took the first year or so just learning to take my first steps, so I’ve been told. 

I took this picture this morning while standing on a cloud outside my window. (Shutterstock)



Orbiting the Sun 

Fifty-nine times, chewing gum 

Travelling through space. 

Peace, Y’all, 


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