Kari Weaver

Kari is going to read this and scratch her head a bit and think, "What?" I think she does that a lot. I see her do that a lot. Does anyone else see her do that a lot?

Anyway, I was thinking (oops, bad.) Maybe having a blog named after you would be a good thing. Yeah, of course it would. But then I had a "boomer thought." I'm getting those a lot lately. I thought, back before folks my age knew what a blog was, maybe having one named after them might sound kind of gross. I don't mean like that.  <3

My wife told me that I was contrary old grouch. I think she's right. "Honey, that's not how to spell, "contrary." Oh, boy. Really, she has all my Love and Adoration. "Honey, are you sure that's how to "Adoration?" Why capitals?" 

Yes, I do Love and Adore her. she hears that a lot, but not enough.



Her eyes smile at me.

Every breath holds my heart.

Her heart holds my breath.



Peace, Y'all!





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