Lifetime Warranty

Sunday night, I was tying fishing flies. It was a quiet and relaxing time of the evening. I was quiet and relaxed. 

I heard something break. I thought it was the barb on a hook that I was trying to flatten in the jaws of my tying vice. It wasn’t. 

Thirty some years ago, I bought the best tying vise I could. $115 got the cheapest C-clamp model of Regal vise.  I’ve never used the clamp much. A German friend made a beautiful brass base for me along with a few other tools. I took a small tying kit to Desert Shield/Storm. On this vise I tied fishing flies for Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and plenty more.  

Sunday evening's quiet relaxation was interrupted when I heard something break. It wasn’t the barb on a hook that I was trying to flatten in the jaws of my tying vice. It was the vise. The tiniest chip possible had broken off the tip of the jaws on my 30-year-old Regal vise. I thought it was a huge chip. Without my glasses I could still see it. Huge. 

Next day, after contacting the Regal Vise Company, I decided their option for repair was too much. Their options for replacement or upgrade were beyond consideration for anything I do. I took the vise head to my shop. In less than five minutes with a belt sander, some sandpaper and steel wool, it was smooth and pointed again. I was back in business.  

Somewhere in the midst of all that, I broke another tool, a bodkin. It’s like a long needle with a handle. A very handy tool and certainly necessary, but the shipping cost doubled the cost of replacement. I combined the broken needle and a rarely used half-hitch tool to make a new bodkin. Back in business. 


See that chip right there beside a size 14 hook. The warranty only covers material and workmanship.


Lifetime Warranty 

If it breaks, they come shoot you 

Every claim settled

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