Lip Balm?

Lip Balm? 

I recall the movie The Three Amigos with Martin Short (Ned Nederlander), Chevy Chase (Dusty Bottoms), and Steve Martin (Lucky Day). Other than the Buttercup scene, my favorite is the Lip Balm scene. 

The Three Amigos are riding across the desert. It’s hot! The movie shows a picture of them in distant heat waves, then a shot of the sun with ominous music. That way you know it’s hot. Lucky opens his canteen to drink. Only a few drops come out. Ned turns his canteen up and sand pours into his mouth. Dusty drinks, gurgles, gargles and spits most of a canteen full of water. He then tosses it to the ground. Then he applies lip balm. Of course, he kindly offers lip balm to his traveling companions.


Perhaps seeing the video scene would be better than my version.  

The Three Amigos – Lip Balm


The Three Amigos

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