Looking Up

Kari says, “Aww, look. A dead bird.” I didn’t see a dead bird. I’m getting old in my dumb age, but things are looking up. 

Tomorrow evening, the 8th Annual BobFest will be the first performance outback on the stage that Community built.  The deck construction is done, but there is plenty more to do. I have no idea what’s next, but there are several items on the list. 

Electricians have wiring to do. The back yard needs a final grading and reseeding with grass, and the driveway needs  more gravel and grading. An entrance/exit door is needed at the rear of OOAK Gallery to the deck, Let us leave that to the professionals, eh? There’s more to do, and as our budget allows, we’ll get to it. 

When I say that things are looking up, don’t fall for Kari’s dead bird prank. She is the trickster, eh? 


First quarter moon shines 

Brightly above. Luna’s light,

Sunlight reflected. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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