It’s Wednesday night. Kari and I worked a puzzle. Sometimes we play cards, sometimes we're busy. The important thing is each other, and us. 

The picture is of a puzzle we put together. I dig lighthouses. This one is adorable. (Kari is the adorable one.) 

While we were putting the puzzle together, I was ramblin’ around in my head for something to think about. I found this. “What kind of lens makes lighthouses so bright?”  

There was a little bit about the Fresnel lenses stuck somewhere in my memory. I almost remembered how to pronounce “Fresnel.” I’ve always been fascinated by them. Here is a link to everything that Wikipedia wants you to know about Fresnel Lenses. 


“Plug the light in, dear. 

I thought I heard a ship wreck.” 

Too late, I did too. 


Peace, Y’all! 




"Perfect Dawn, Sunrise By The Ocean" - by artist Laura Glen Lawson 

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