Redwings® (Not the Hockey Team)

Has anybody seen my boots? 

Three or so years ago, I bought a pair of boots. Quality boots, according to the price. Within seven months, the soles were worn smooth. The factory wished me luck in getting them resoled by my local cobbler. 

Uncle Sam told me to alternate days wearing a pair of boots. They issued every G.I. two pairs of combat boots. That mindset continued. By the time the soles were wearing smooth on the first pair of quality boots, I had three months wear left on a second pair of the same brand in black. 

The first pair of x-brand boots received new soles and are doing great. The second pair are due for new soles, but I haven’t yet. Doesn’t matter, I’ll not buy any more x-brand boots. The cost of the first pair, plus having them resoled, was about the same as a pair of Redwing® boots. I bought a pair of Redwing® boots about two years ago. They’re tough and still holding up well. 

I’ll wear these a long time. There are places to go and things to see. “Think of all the poetry and the picking down the line.” – Townes Van Zandt, “To Live Is To Fly.” 

Wouldn’t it be grand to say, “Please welcome our newest sponsor, blah, blah, Redwing® boots”? Nah, not today. 


Four feet down, two feet. 

Redwings® Have sole; will travel. 

Industrial strength. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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