Tonight at home around the kitchen, Kari and I talked a bit. We gathered up on each other’s day is what I mean to say. She tells me a few interesting details from her day, then she drags far fewer and less interesting details about my day out of me.  

Oh, but did I have a surprise tonight. A really groovy guitar lick had been bouncing around between my ears and I was looking forward to playing it for Kari. Which I did. 

There was something familiar in it that kept trying to come around. I had worked with the timing, tuning, voicing and stuff, and I thought I had it worked out. The test is if Kari hears it and says, “Oh, that sounds like …,“ then I have more work to do. Which she didn’t. 

Tonight, I walked the dog and settled down. I got back into my studio and I'm playing this groovy lick. It’s groovy. I’m diggin’ it. DeOjie the Wonderhound is diggin’ it, she’s smilin' and waggin’ her tail.  

This dog comes over and sits on my foot, which of course is keeping perfect time. I continue, never slowing down or speeding up, while DeO’jie gets a scratching. It’s groovy. We’re diggin’ it.

I play through it several times with a 12-bar blues progression. There was a brief shift in the Universe that only happens when you’re grooving a lick like this in a 12-bar blues progression with a dog on your boogie foot getting scratched while you’re keeping time. 

Stopping to write something down was a mistake. The Universe shifted back. The dog moved. 

I played five bars of that 12-bar blues progression after that. It was groovy, but not like before. I didn’t expect the other seven were going to be either. That’s why I’m over here writing this instead. 


There’s a crazy one, 

Near to every corner here   

There, on every square 


Peace, Y’all!



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