Sorry. Wrong Number

I am taking the certification test to be awarded Grand High Poobah for Advanced April Foolery status and to lead the First Annual April Fools' Bathtub Parade. Here was my submission: 

Hello, Is this [Insert Your First Name Here]? No? I was trying to call [Insert Your First Name Here]. Is [Insert Your First Name Here] there? [Insert Your First And Last Name Here], is he there?   

Well, of course [Insert Your First And Last Name Here] shows up on their screen. Tell them how you found this phone on the floor under your dining room table in your house.   

And tell them if they see [Insert Your First And Last Name Here] to let him know that you will have more than a “How do you do?” for [Insert Your First Name Here] next time you see him!  

If you pull this on someone, later act like you have no clue what they’re talking about, except you do remember misplacing your phone a while back. 

Do the same thing to them next year.  

How to test Siri                                

Accidentally dialing   

Someone’s number wrong. 

Has that ever happened? It's going to, just like that! And if you are onto this joke when I call, I'll know you've read my blog. If you want to spare any of our mutual friends some confusion, just share this blog, so they'll know too.

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