What can you imagine? Bread? Yep. Pretzels, you betchya. Kari is pretty amazing in the kitchen. I think she makes the best pizza dough around. It's not delivery; it's not DiGiorno. It's better!

Sourdough is an interesting thing. There's something called a "starter." It grows. It has to be fed to keep it growing. It also should be walked regularly to keep it healthy. Talk to your sourdough starter and pet it regularly.

Kari usually does the pizza, start to finish, but this week was Amateur Night in the Kitchen. I got to decorate the pizza! I've made pizza before, but not with Kari's sourdough pizza dough. It was good. Hers are better.


Tai Kwon pizza dough.

Chef Kari in the kitchen

4th degree blackbelt. 

Peace, Y'all!


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