Southern Travels 2016

Sometime last decade (2016), somewhere south of here, there was a Gathering of Friends. I had just released my CD “Panes” and was personally delivering copies everywhere I could. I hope to be doing that again, right soon. I’ve had two more releases since then. 

Click here to hear and download “Panes” 

This was my second “Southern Travels” tour that took me through NC, SC, GA, and Casselberry, FL. It qualifies as a House Concert, even in a pool house. I get to visit most of these Folk every year about this time. Not this year. I miss my Friends.    

Nice guitar, eh? This one became my friend the previous year, somewhere between New Smyrna Beach and Osteen, by way of Winter Springs, Florida. Here’s part of that story, from an earlier da6d Daily Ramblin’, Skipper.  

Photo by Linda Chase. Here's Linda's blog entry telling The Story of the Afternoon in Casselberry 

Missing tomorrows.   

I used to have so many,   

So few anymore.  

Peace, Y'all!  


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