Spend Lots of Money

I have a new battery! Well, the Road Wagon has a new battery. I’d had a couple of issues, including letting the battery die one night while camping. 

Everybody ought to have a mechanic. Someone they trust and is good at what they do. I took my Little Red Wagon to my mechanic because I trust him and he’s good at what he does. I asked if he could check the battery for me. He did. 

The mechanic asked what was going on with the vehicle. I told him. He grunted. Good mechanics do that. Then I told him that the SPEND LOTS OF MONEY light came on. He grunted, then he rubbed his chin before he said, “I’ll be back.” Well, soon enough he was, but he had something with him. It looked like something from Star Trek. I asked, “What is that, something from Star Trek?” “No,” he said, then goes on to tell me that since my SPEND LOTS OF MONEY light came on, his machine tells what to spend that money on. 

Sure enough, he hooked that machine up to the battery and that machine displayed “REPLACE BATTERY.” I nodded. He grunted. Every mechanic should have a machine that says, “REPLACE BATTERY.” 

If I'd known I was having my picture taken, I'd have cleaned up a bit.


What machine is that? 

“It displays your bank account.” 

It makes you wonder. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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