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There’s a happening happening. In February, Kokopelli’s Daughters 501(c)3, One of a Kind Art Gallery, and Micaville Music began a quest: to build an outdoor performance venue for Micaville Music’s Thursday Evening Concert Series, Saturday Morning Jams and many more Community events.  

The plans are for a 12’ x 24’ stage/deck in the newly graded and seeded backyard next to the creeks behind the gallery. We plan to have a ramp on the East side plus steps along the front of the deck. There’s more, much more; electricity, lighting, more grading, more straw, and more grass to make this whole area inviting.  

The best part of all is that there’s more opportunity for you to be a part of a Community project! Funding through Kokopelli’s Daughters has passed the halfway mark. Over $5,000 has been donated! That’s more than 50% of the estimated cost. How amazing is it that? 

What’s next? Share. Share the link, share the post, let your friends know that there is still opportunity and need. Participation is not limited to monetary contributions. There’s room on the DIY Team for everyone, including carpenters, sawers, hammerers, gophers, measurers, cheerleaders and other jobs by the score (note: supervisory positions are limited).  

Things are starting to come together, so we'd like to move as quickly as possible. Spring is here and we’ve been missing Live Music for a long time! 

Kokopelli's Daughter Link 


Part of something big.                        

Your Community needs you.  



Peace, Y’all  


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