Tao of the Canon!

In the top left of the picture is a Canon 80D Digital Camera. “80D” sounds a lot like “A.D.D.” Maybe Canon made a camera just for me. I’m getting set up to start shooting a new scene. I like trains. You knew that already. 

At the bottom is a bunch of construction paper and glue. This will be part of a 32-second scene that I am working on for my stop-motion animation video, “Bring the Rain.” That’s about four days’ work, so far, and I just noticed one thing missing. Who wants to guess what that is? 

**That’s a lazy man’s way to edit. All of us hacks know that one. Hey, before I shoot 480 shots, things ought to be right. 

Tonight, I was walking DeO’jie. 18 degrees outside, but that didn’t matter none to The Wonderhound. She was going to be slow about her business. She may have been distracted by that chattering noise my teeth were making. I distracted myself by looking at the stars. 

To the South I could see Orion. Ursa Major was to the Northeast. Polaris, uh well? I couldn’t see it from where I was. Anyway, about that time, DeO’jie nudges my hand. 


The wind blows bitter 

Are you begging for a treat 

Or warm ear scratches



I love you and I wish you well. 


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