Thank You, Friends

What a night. Rain shortened tonight’s gig at the OOAK backyard. The event was a Songwriter’s Round. I was playing with two Friends and songwriters, Smokey Joe Peoples and Pete McWhirter. I had the best seat in the house. We had done this before. I will hope to perform with these two again. Soon. 

Rain shortened the evening. I’d mentioned that earlier. That was the only bummer of the evening, but I want to tell you something. 

There are half a dozen reasons why there isn’t a door from the backyard stage to the inside of the gallery annex yet.  It’ll happen, but currently there is a window. The window is where the gear gets passed between the stage and the inside of the gallery annex. 

At the onset of rain, I covered some of the equipment to keep it dry. Smokey Joe Peoples carried right on with his song while Pete McWhirter covered equipment on the other side of the stage. I love these people. 

The rain won. That was the last song of the evening. 

The first person who asked me if I needed help with the gear was answered with, “I need someone inside that window to play catch.” They got someone inside that window to play catch. Y’all know my dearest one who lets us play in the backyard at OOAK. Kari Weaver toted or dragged everything we handed through the window. She does things like that without wearing a cape and leotards. I love this person. 

I heard, “What can I do?” and “How can I help?” from several directions. Many directions. There were as many people helping on the deck as there was room for, with probably more waiting to help. Have I mentioned that I love you people? 

This picture is DeO’jie in her temporary evening nap spot. Sometimes, she looks at me like I’m going to give her all the goodies in the box. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her no. 


Man’s best friend won’t help. 

Carry a PA system? 

Not that kind of friend


Peace, Y'all and Thank You


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