That's Strange

I don’t know how it happened or when it happened, but it happened. It seems strangers have achieved a level of complete perfection!  Complete strangers. Perfect strangers. Have you ever met an imperfect stranger? An incomplete stranger? 

A complete stranger could become a friend. Wouldn’t that be perfect? 

Another day’s worth of yesterdays accumulates. 21,555 yesterdays so far. That’s over 59 years' worth that I’ve been collecting. I’d like several thousand more to add to my collection. The only place to keep them is in my memory. It’s crowded. Even that seems to be slipping a bit. 

I don’t remember all of them. In fact, I only remember portions of some. I believe a few of my yesterdays would be totally unrecognizable, but I appreciate each one of them.

The picture is part of a game I was playing. I usually play late at night, right before I post a da6d Daily Ramblin'. It's called "Things Within Three Feet Worth Photographing." How'd I do? 


Perfect and complete 

Strangers, like yesterdays, pass. 

Never seen again. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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