Toe River Valley Boys

I saw this picture on Facebook last week. I knew exactly what it was when I saw it because I have seen it before. The Toe River Valley Boys were a major part of my teenage years. They played the Saturday Night Square Dance at Geneva Hall in Little Switzerland during open season at the Switzerland Inn.  

That fellow on the left looking at the camera is my best friend’s Dad. Charles Renfro, a damn fine guitar player. He also “called” most of the square dances. Oscar “Fiddling Red” Wilson owned Mayland Recording Studio. I learned a bit about recording and rhubarb wine from Red Wilson. 

No one played the banjo the way E.C. Miller played the banjo. I’ll still say he’s one of the best I’ve heard.   

The Toe River Valley Boys have a record in the Smithsonian Institute. This record has the first recording of a train whistle. That’s the legend that I heard growing up. I hope it’s true. 


The Conductor says,  

“All aboard.” Hold my banjo. 

All y'all do si do.

Peace, Y’all! 


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