Too High Strung

Have you changed your strings lately? Every year whether they need it or not. I change mine more often than that.  

Bright sounding strings are just too bright. My hearing aids boost upper mids and highs. I’ll never be a recording engineer, but I do well working live sound. If it sounds good to me, it must be good. 

Before I got hearing aids six or so years ago, I used Elixer ® strings on my guitars. They were bright and stayed clear and clean longer than non-coated strings, and I really liked their longevity. But when I first heard them with my hearing aids, I immediately thought something was wrong. I’d never heard a guitar sound like that. 

It wasn’t bad in any way. It sounded great, but I didn’t know a guitar was supposed to sound like that. To my ear, the bottom end was overpowered. Since I was used to hearing more bottom end, I began several years of trying different brands, sizes and materials to find strings that sounded right to me. 

Most pickers I know are very opinionated in their choice of strings. I am. One brand that I settled with for a while was Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze, but their availability became a problem. The big box stores were the only place to find them, and even then gauge selection was limited. 

I attended a Martin Guitar event at one of the locally owned music stores in Asheville. There was a special, buy one set of strings, get any set free. The cheapest set available (I was broke) was $8.99 Martin Retro®.  My plan was to buy one set and get the same strings with the free offer. I’ve been hooked ever since. 

I keep the empty package with the date written on it in my guitar case. That’s just habit. I don’t have to change these strings often, they don’t have a “dull” sound, and their sound is consistent longer than other strings I’ve used. 

Really, I could talk all day about strings. That’s enough. It’s time to change my humidi-paks too.


Martin guitar strings. 

More sound, longer life. My choice,

Medium Retro®




Peace, Y'all!




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