Roy Rogers was a silver screen cowboy. I'd say that he never shot anybody in those silver screen movies. If a bad guy needed a lesson, Roy would shoot the gun right out of his hands. That'll teach 'em!

Of course, there was a horse. A real TV and Movie cowboy had to have a horse. You just couldn't chase down bad guys in an Uber car back then. Besides, where would you put your posse? Anyway, Roy Rogers had a horse named Trigger. That horse would do anything Roy told him to do. Roy did have to cook his own eggs, tho' Trigger's problem in that was the opposable thumb dilemma. 

Roy had that horse, and that is what he rode. Along that same line of reasoning, Willie Nelson has "rode" his famous Martin N-20 guitar. He has gone everywhere with that guitar. It's not surprising that Willie Nelson's guitar and Roy Rogers' horse have the same name. Trigger.

You may have seen a saddled horse in my video Shadow's Puppet. Be sure to check the credits.


Horses with no name.

Guitars with no name, such shame.

Hoss, that's a good name.


Peace, Y'all!



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