Two Dollar Bill

Let’s talk about something else for a change. I have a two-dollar bill in my wallet. It’s been in there for as long as I’ve owned the wallet. The same goes for the wallet before that one and maybe one or two more before. 

All of that to ramble around to this, I’m going to get a new wallet. My past couple have been repurposed and there is a bit of sentiment attached to them. They’ll be in a special box. <3 

So I got to thinking about this new wallet, ya’ know color, leather eh, bifold, maybe trifold? Well, the thought occurred to me that this might be the last wallet I ever buy. I mean, I was a spring chicken about three seasons ago, so goes to figure I want one that’s going to last what 25, 30 years, more? 

So I’m thinking recycled nylon, hemp, plastic, anything with a quarter-century/life-time guarantee! I’ll save up, eight or nine years, then I’ll buy me one, and I may only have a two-dollar bill to put in it. I'll leave it to someone in my will. Well, we'll see. 


The backside of a two-dollar bill portrays the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Two of the signers were Benjamin Franklin and William Whipple (look it up). I overheard a conversation between them, right there before Tommy started banging that damn gavel. 


Hi, Ben, How’ve ya’ been? 

Been well, Will! How’s all your kin? 

We’ve been better Ben. 



Peace, Y’all!



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