Water in Missoula

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Missoula, Montana. Put your hand down; nobody can see you. I was there in December a couple of years ago. I’ll go back soon. 

Willis Alan Ramsey wrote “Goodbye to Old Missoula.” He also wrote “Muskrat Love.” A Friend of mine regularly performs “Goodbye to Old Missoula.” It’s a great song. 

Several years ago, I needed a city name for a song I was working on.  Somewhere in that process I recalled that my in-laws live in Missoula, Montana. What a beautiful name, eh? It was more than a little convenient the city is situated where several valleys and rivers come together and that the city’s nickname is “The next best place.” 

Missoula, Montana

I wrote “Water in Missoula” just a few days after recording my CD “Panes.” A live version appeared on my next CD “Live at The Hideaway,” and I recorded a studio version for my latest CD, “I Ain’t Stayin’.”  It's one of my favorite songs.

Water in Missoula from the CD I Ain't Stayin' 

The photo is the backside of "I Ain't Stayin'."


Life after Asheville 

In Missoula Montana. 

It’s the next best place!


Peace, Y'all!


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