1:38 pm. Oh my, oh my, oh my! It’s Friday. I vacuum on Friday, but that’s not why I am excited. I’m going to vacuum and if I don’t think of anything else, I’ll tell You what I’m excited about. 

2:32 pm. February 20, 2021 was going to be the first NHL hockey game played outdoors in Raleigh, NC, hosted by the Carolina Hurricanes. Postponed Due to Covid-19. There are worse things by far.  

The Hurricanes have had a couple of other changes this weekend/week. Instead of playing in Dallas against the Stars, electricity issues have forced more postponements. Carolina will host the Chicago Blackhawks tonight 2/19, then face Tampa Bay for four straight games. Two at home, 2/20 and 2/22, then two games in Tampa 2/24 and 2/25.  

Gosh, that’s a lot to be excited about, you’d think.  

We won’t see Carter-Finley Stadium iced over this year. Instead, Lake Tahoe will host two outdoor games. Uh-huh, two. Saturday 3:00 pm the Vegas Golden Knights face the Colorado Avalanche and Sunday 2:00 pm the Philadelphia Flyers play the Boston Bruins. Good matchups. The road to the Cup has lots of turns.  

The picture. The #80 Kevin Weekes jersey. It’s been several years since Weekes played for the Hurricanes. I’ve had this sweater since then. Kevin Weekes is now an analyst for the NHL Network. Last night he said something like this … 

Goalies’ dilemma 

Red lights go on, the crowds cheer.  

Failing at my job. 

Peace Y'all, game on!



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