What Have I Lost? 

Did a few people lose it all at once, or did everybody lose it just a bit? 

Me, my marbles. I wouldn’t count on finding any of them around here. Mine are gone and scattered. 

Compassion? No, I don’t think I’ve lost compassion; I want to share more. I watched the Dalai Lama doing a Q/A, live to St. Petersburg, Russia. Phenomenal. The Dalai Lama knows compassion. 

Innocence? Lost? Too much. There’s a great deal of it that I’d like to have kept. Everyone, eh? 

I’m sure there is something else I’ve lost. I just don’t know where it is.


This a book written by Cadillac Man. I wrote this song about him.


Lost and never found

Austin, somewhere 'round midnight

Waiting for a ride


Peace, Y'all!


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