Who's Got the Time?

Things happen. Some things just happen the way they happen and there is nothing to be done about it. Too late. It’s already happened.  Someone told me years ago, “There is no time, only clocks.”  

A clock's function is to measure time (accurately). Rough estimates are no good. Close estimates are better, but just a little. This link, Do You Have the Time, is my recent rail against Daylight Savings Time. This particular da6d Daily Ramblin’ is just about clocks in general. 

The picture, UFO's maybe? Nope. Clocks, three of them. They’re all in the same room. You’d think they could come to some kind of agreement. You can zoom in on the picture and see what I am talking about. 

The clock on the left is attached to the coffee maker. It thinks the correct time is 01:23 am. My coffee is always a minute early. The clock in the middle is attached to the oven. This clock thinks the correct time is 01:22 am. This one agrees with my cellphone and the “clock” clock on the wall. My biscuits are always right on time. 

The clock on the right. That’s the one on the microwave. It says 01:21 am. My popcorn is always a minute late. Go figure. Do You wonder how I keep my sanity around here? Well, I appreciate your concern, but it's too late. 


It’s 1:23  

Or it’s 1:22 or 

It’s 1:21 

Peace, Y’all! 


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