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In an infinite universe, we as a species, on a planet, orbiting a star in a solar system, in the Milky Way galaxy, are infinitely small. Our entire universe could just be dirt under the fingernail of some other species on their own planet, orbiting a star in their own galaxy somewhere. 

I imagine some alien looking at us through a microscope and marveling at what fascinating creatures that we are. We are fascinating, but probably not to them. 

Milky Way, Britannica link. Imagine that if you knew all this, how much fun you would be at parties!  

The picture, eh? There must be some relevance to the topic of universes and galaxies. Of course there is. Too much thinking gives me a headache. 

Mertzog, come and see! 

That's a giant microscope 

There, next to the Sun?

Peace, Y'all!


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