DeO’jie is still upset with me for changing her diet. I cut out the excessive treats. The problem is that was a major part of her diet. Too much. I’m worried what she may do to me after the zombie apocalypse. If the zombies don’t get me, she will. 

Don’t zombies look like they’ve lost their glasses, but they’re still trying to read a book? I’d bet they’re reading “How To Be A Zombie For Dummies." Being a zombie can’t be easy, especially if you have no experience. 

I’ll publish a year’s worth of da6d Daily Ramblin’s so zombies will have something good to read. It’s the least I could do. 

The picture is from an Amazon listing. No library is complete without “Zombies For Zombies.” 


“Zombies for Zombies 

Life Advice and Etiquette 

For the Living Dead” 

Peace, Y’all! 


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