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Vújà Day

This one is still a bit damp. Allow to dry before use.  Vújà Day  I've never been here, 
Never seen this place before. 
It's a vújà day. 

There you go!

Haiku Like

I have a haiku habit. Yeah, at least one more. 
Haiku? Some love them. 
Of course, some folks just don’t care. 
What’s not to like, eh?  Peace Y’all <3

Cerebral Misalignment, Phase Four: Disengage

This counts as only one haiku.  Cerebral Misalignment, Phase Four: Disengage  i'm called the strange one, 
in here in my head. In here, 
i hear, in my head.  i hear in my head, 
me repeating, repeating 
each word that I …


Today's Haiku Shadow I throw no shadow, 
Daytime or at night. I am 
Surrounded by light.



Y’all, I’m really doing well. There was a Coup d'état inside my head, and I think I won. Here’s today’s... 
If you see his soles, 
A man was just passing by. 
A man, passing...bye.

King of Hearts

I had to google if Haiku had titles. Some do, some don't. Anyway, this one had to have a title. Sir, Burpsalot is a title, I suppose, but not fitting. Nope, it had to have this one.  King of Hearts  …