David Wiseman is a solo singer-songwriter from the southern Appalachian Mountains of Western NC, creating “Blues, Folk, and Ballads; Truths and Lies.” It’s music with a dog, a couch, and a washing machine on the front porch kind of sound. David's songs are topical and timeless, songs that will touch a nerve, sound an alarm, start a revolution; make you laugh, cry, think and even sing along; songs that can feel like a punch in the stomach or like a long warm hug.

David has been called a troubadour, balladeer, and “throwback in all the best ways.” His songs tell stories that are often left untold. David's acoustic guitar, harmonica, porch board, and unmistakable gruff vocal style reflect the souls of the songs he writes.


What is "da6d," huh? 

Yeah, I've heard that question a few times. 

I've also heard some far-out guesses. I really don't mind explaining as it gives me a chance to talk with people. And maybe it adds to the "name recognition" thing that every performer needs to have. This becomes more important since there are other performers, even in my local area, with the same name. Here's the explanation. If you exchange the number "6 " in  "da6d" for the Roman Numeral "VI", you'll have it figured out. And it's a way of differentiating me from other people named David Wiseman. 

Yep, that's it. 

Peace, Y'all