One small thing  

And other small things  

Got together and made  


A better day  

If even  

Just a little.  


I went to the VA today for an appointment. Park, text “here,” then wait for instructions. Proceed to the building. Temperature taken. Questions asked and answered. “Do you have an appointment?” Yes. "Any sneezing, coughs, blah, blah blah ...?" No. "Are you waiting for results from a Covid-19 test?” No. “Do you know where you are going?” I put my hand on my chin and looked off into the distance.

An existential question. I thought about it for a while. I’m still thinking about it. Maybe I’ll think about it some more. Answers that I come up with are only going to apply to me, though. If I had the car warranty and the student loans taken care of, I could devote more time to answering, “Do you know where you are going?” 

It’s been a good day. I appreciate good days more, lately. 

I am going to ... mow the lawn.


“Where are we going.” 

Your answers, yours to follow, 

My answers are mine. 

Peace, Y’all 


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