It's Here Somewhere

I got something in the mail today. It was nothing urgent, but something I did not want to ignore. I knew exactly where it was going: the WIDGAR file. I’ve got one right beside my spot at the kitchen table. This is the one Kari knows about. It is the decoy WIDGAR. So I have a “When I’m Damn Good And Ready” file and a decoy "When I’m Damn Good And Ready” file. 

I know where stuff goes. 

It goes in the “Where I Won’t Forget” file. OK, files. There are a lot of them, and believe me, it’s hard keeping track of all those “Where I Won’t Forget” files. They seem to be everywhere full of stuff I’ve forgotten about. 

The picture is my index card index. Stuff I've forgotten about. Stuff I could do without. RBG codes?


I’ll file it somewhere 

When I’m Damn Good and Ready 

Where I Won’t Forget


Peace, Y'all!





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