Turn Up the TV

Happy Fathers’ Day, folks. My Mom came by to visit. Sister Chel sent a beautiful message. Kari made sourdough biscuits and sausage gravy. I’ll send a message or a meme to my Dad, and that will be about all of my celebration for the day. Enjoy your Father’s Day and be sure to remember your Father’s day. 

Sometimes, it's easy enough to leave a small blank space and move directly to the next subject. Most times, I'll tie a couple of subjects together with a transitional paragraph. If you are reading this paragraph, it is my transition from Father's Day to "A Day in the Life."

Kari is up and busy every morning hours before I’m usually awake. She’s asleep hours before I go to bed. Evenings we spend a few hours together, often talking over dinner or while cooking. Sometimes we just talk. 

It’s just a couple of hours. We listen to whatever the other talks about. Kari is better at this than I am. First off, she talks about important stuff like OOAK Art Gallery and Chamber of Commerce activities and events. I talk about cat barf and ice hockey. We both listen. 

Hey, see that "aws" logo there on the ice? That only shows up for TV viewers. The advertisement is not painted on the ice. It is embedded in the broadcast picture. Players on the ice and people watching the game live can't see "aws" or "CLOROX" or any of the other advertisements that change throughout the game. Also, the logo isn't visible on replays and other camera angles. 


“I will give you my 

Undivided attention. 

Turn up the TV.” 


Peace, Y'all


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