Hey, Yo!

Remember when the easiest part of yoyoing was the downward throw? That’s still the easy part. With a $3 yoyo, I can do rock the baby, walk the dog, and around -the world. That’s about it. When I was in High School, playing the guitar was much cooler. 

A Duncan® Wind Runner is a moderately priced unresponsive trick yoyo. It is balanced, has ball bearings, and it spins like crazy. That’s what it does. It spins. See that wide gap between the two yos? Walk the dog and rock the baby are the only tricks I can do so far. With all this balance and spinning and ball bearings, getting the yoyo to wind back up is a trick all by itself. That’s the trick I’m learning, just getting the yoyo to wind itself back up. This involves a “bind.” Seriously, you can’t even wind the string by hand. It will just spin. 

One easy bind is to make a loop in the string, then allow that loop to catch, or bind, the string inside the yoyo while the yoyo is spinning. Note to Self: Wait until the yoyo slows down. That’s a knuckle buster. 

I’ll keep playing with this. Every time I bust my knuckles, I’ll go practice guitar. Playing the guitar is much cooler. 


Downward throw. Return. 

Unresponsive yoyo trick. 

Getting string to bind. 

Peace, Y’all 


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