From the recording I Ain't Stayin' (2020)

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A cast away soul
Wandering in the cold
Facing the light
Throws a shadow behind
Me a dark silhouette
My own marionette
The wires as we stroll
Are far from my control

And this shadow follows me
My dark shadow follows me

Turning my back to the light
The brightness outlines
An external shell
A dark shape of myself
Stretched long and thin, fading in
To the darkness ahead
In the puppeteer’s hand

And we stroll along
One-way cobblestone lanes
Hiding my lies from piercing eyes
And their sapphire stares
Slice through the glare
Wounding my consciousness
I can’t get rid of this

Ache in my chest, Longing for rest
In an oasis from hurt in this arid desert

And this shadow is leading me
My dark shadow is leading me

Time to put toys on the shelf
Giving myself
Respite and rest
In this darkness of night
I lay myself down
In the welcoming ground
Solace and sleep are waiting for me

And no shadows follow me
No dark shadows follow me
No more shadows