1. Dirty Road

From the recording I Ain't Stayin' (2020)

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All anybody ever wanted from me
Was a piece of my soul
From a sidewalk angel
On the streets of Memphis
To the man that owns the radio
Then some jackass of a salesman
Sold me a rundown automobile
I didn't mind, I got a better ride
From his daughter behind the wheel
Down that long
Dirty road

Old Scratch met me at a crossroad
I heard what he had to say
I told him
“You ain't got a damned thing I want
Just stay the hell outta my way”
Then he sent his demons
To ride my back
And just to keep track of me
He flipped me the bird
In my rearview mirror
As I turned and drove away
Down that long
Dirty road

I took my learning from a highway
I went broke with the dues I’ve paid
I stood on bridges
And burned both ends
Sink or drown or float away
Then I found a new path, left no tracks
And made a better place
But I had to make amends
To all my friends
I’ve wronged along the way
Down that long
Dirty road

I brought the salesman's daughter
Back to where I got her
I dropped the demons along the way
Never rented that weekend
Girlfriend in Memphis
Quit caring what the radio played
And then I set to rhyme
Some words in time
Let melodies come my way
Used my rearview mirror
To remind me of the way
Things were yesterday
Down that long
Dirty road

I hope somebody has a dollar to spare
To hear me sing my songs
May the Devil be damned
There's no hook on me
He ain't riding along
There’s a wagon to ride
A mule to get behind
A lifetime of work to do
It's my row now that I've got to plow
Nobody's garden but mine
And I've left that long
Dirty road behind

Yeah, I've left that long
Dirty road behind