1. Little Town

From the recording I Ain't Stayin' (2020)

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Written by Mikel J. Christa


Tom and Mary Smith
Have a hard enough time
Feeding their kids, and paying the rent
Now the government says
We've got to build a fence
To save ourselves from excess
Another midnight tax
On the already broken backs
In Little Town

The traffic light never worked right
At the bottom of the hill
Right where the preacher's
Kids got killed
They never saw it coming
Momma said it's just God's will
No wonder we all smoke and drink
We grew up thinking life is cheap
In Little Town

Come on little girl
She's about to start first grade
She's beautiful
In her bullet-proof vest and her braids
On the very first day they told her
“Jesus discovered America”
Got the kids’ heads all turned around
Yeah, they’ve been dumbing us down
In Little Town

They finally closed the last factory
Moved out overnight, moved overseas
And the pink slip
Ain't gonna pay no bills
Or feed my family
They say that Heaven
Is somewhere east
And we are down on our knees
In Little Town.

We fight and die for Little Town
Ain't never leaving Little Town