...Dollar For That

"I'll give you a  dollar for that." Gee, if I had a nickel for every time I've said that, I wouldn't need that dollar. 

Just out of curiosity, I asked Siri some little good for nothing question that I didn't need the answer to. I really don't think there would have been any other way for me to have found out what a "numismatic" is. Oh hey, let's play Jeopardy!

Contestant: I'll take "Shit Everybody Should Know" for $500, Alex.

Host: These people are often referred to as "numismatics."

Contestant: What are coin collector?

Host: Coin collectors is correct. You select..


I'm not sure where I was going when I started, but here we are right now. Thank you for following along. Here's today's da6d Daily. btw, I've used this picture before, but feel free to tell me anyway.


Brother, spare a dime?

A dime makes a difference.

Time helps, heals, comforts.


Peace, Y'all. <3


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