Hold My Root Beer

Kari and I went trespassing tonight. She’ll claim that I was the instigator, but I told her no one would believe that. 

The actual trespassing part might have been my idea, but the reason why was entirely hers. 

There's a tiki lounge behind our back yard. The neighbor’s. Kari said that their umbrella looked like Cousin It, from The Addams Family. She was right.

Kari may also claim that I had my hat and sunglasses in hand and was screaming "Get your iPhone and hold my root beer, dear!” as I ran out the door. Don’t believe that either. 

Kari and I met a decade ago. I recall that after an early date, I thanked her for adding color to my evening. She still does.


Cousins playing tag.

"Who's It?" It is. "Who is?" It!

"Is It always It?" 

Peace, Y'all,









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